Peripheral Energy, Inc.™ optimizes the power that comes into your home, allowing your appliances and equipment motors to operate more efficiently. This reduces heat which in turn lowers your electricity bill, reduces the chance of fires, and increases the life of your appliances and motorized equipment.

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As the demand for power runs through your commercial setting there is non-productive current (heat) that strains your equipment and wiring, Peripheral Energy, Inc.™ optimizes the watts that come in, allowing the motors within the equipment to operate more efficiently.

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Today's industrial applications require looking beyond the traditional means of energy conservation and savings. for example, purchasing high efficiency motors to reduce energy costs are typically cost prohibitive.

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Understanding Power

Energy & Electricity

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We at Peripheral Energy, Inc.™ believe consumers must be educated on electrical energy conservation technology.

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Commercial Benefits

Commercial Units - Expected Savings 6%-17%

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Savings from the use of KECs will vary from 6% to 17% reduction on your eletric power bill. Some KEC equipped facillities provide even greater levels od demand and energy savings. In fact, the simple payback of your investment in KECs typically ranges from 6 months to 3 years.

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Industrial Processes

Peripheral Energy, Inc™ Industrial Sizing

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Whether you are in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive, metals and mining, refinery, chemical, waste water management or other industry sectors that use inductive motors, you will realize power savings ranging from 6% to 25%. In some case, you may get even higher levels of savings.

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The KVAR Energy Controller™ is a cost-effective product that reduces electric consumption in the residential, commercial and industrial markets, specifically, in all electrical services from 600 volts and below. The tangible results of using KECs are significant savings on energy bills, a reduction in demand for electric utillites, lower wear and tear on electrical equipment, decreased line losses and carbon emissions.

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